Jul 30, 2018

The Joy of Victory and the Agony of Defeat, Prostate & E.D. News

First off let me start by saying that I am a woman married nearly 40 years. You might ask “What does a woman know about E.D. and Prostate problems?” Answer, Lots! We know more about our husbands and their normal performances than most men are willing to admit. Let me also say that I am fortunate being my husbands sexual drive was enormous and he was one that made love to me daily. WE needed this time together. This was worth fighting for and that we did.

Our marriage was amazing. I could not imagine anything other than it would always be this way until of course it wasn’t. I remember vividly the first time right in the middle of the most passionate moment between two people that suddenly without warning it just stopped and he failed. I will never forget the look on his face. He was dumbfounded and the problems started. What in the heck do I do now? That is all I could think of. I got busy and started to read about this new problem we both faced. I was not willing to let my husband fail in the bedroom. I needed him maybe even more than he needed me so I got busy.

I researched everything and it didn’t take long for me to realize how to deal with this problem head on. I studied holistic medicines most of my life so I headed to the places I knew I could trust. I wanted scientific evidence for Prostate Formulas and associated E.D.. I wanted real Drs that practice holistic natural medicines too. I knew exactly where to go. I was in fighting mode. NO one was going to take away the most precious part of my life with my husband. I needed him! I loved his cocky attitude in the bedroom. He was fun and exciting and I needed him to be in tip top shape once again.

He took lots of natural Prostate supplements, changed his diet, started to walk and workout to get healthier. WE kept trying and trying never giving up. Some days were better than others but our focus was a long term one. We found several natural prostate formulas in the market and then found the one that dealt with blood flow. It’s all about the blood flow. If the blood doesn’t get to the area where you need it most you will not be successful in the bedroom. WE got you covered on that. You also need a good balance of testosterone versus estrogen but the Prostate Formula didn’t deal with that. When anything is out of balance specially the testosterone and estrogen you will have problems so we found an additional natural supplement from the same Company that dealt with that too. Inflammation in the body is NOT good. Swelling of the Prostate is inflammation. We found an additional supplement that took care of that over time too.

The most important thing to know is that this is not a quick fix like Viagra or Cialis. They fix nothing. The best thing you can do is try to fix this as fast as possible while remaining calm. Think of it this way, your Dr just told you that you have blockages in your heart. You need to have a triple bypass. You are about to faint and you now realize the lifestyle you’ve been living has to stop right now. You can no longer sit on the couch, you cannot eat the way you want. NO more drinking or smoking. You are giving up everything in the hopes of trying to get better. Will it happen in a week? NO. This is long term. You are no longer going to sit back and take your life and your sexual health for granted. The work starts now.

We have chosen three different natural drug free Prostate supplements that take care of all the issues that are important to you reaching your optimum sexual performance. Blood flow! Testosterone and Estrogen Balance, Inflammation and urinary health so that you aren’t waking up all hours of the night to use the bathroom and never feel like you emptied your bladder.

This package of 3 deals with all of the issues we just spoke about all at once. One supplement will just not get the job done. If you are willing to do the necessary things you should regain your balance in the bedroom. My husband did and that was over 20 years ago. He is now 66 and we are still going strong. I will never give up and believe me either will he. Let’s start now. Time to fight this and time to win. NO more agony of defeat. The Joy of Victory is sweet. Order all three products now. Time to start the fun. Let’s do this!

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